Get the Style!

Get the Style!

Violet: the MUST of 2018!

Don’t let yourself get caught unprepared this year! Make sure you have plenty of colours in your wardrobe and also in your jewellery box! The year 2018 will be painted violet!

Colors are synonyms for joy, vitality and happiness, so immerse yourself in a world of royal purple hues and violet crystals, they will light-up your spring nights and enchant your days. Wear them, combine them, and love them!

Magnificent colliers, the perfect combination of materials and colors…they are the perfect eye catcher for an intricate, daring expression of your individuality.

Whether delicate and finely detailed or sophisticated and elegant, the Oliver Weber colorful earrings will play alluring games of light and shine from every angle. Find your perfect piece for a complete look and a glamorous effect.

Don’t forget to adorn your arm with a rainfall of purple and violet lights, colors make everyone feel happy!

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